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Australian Shepherd Poodle Appearance. As a cross between the Australian Shepherd and Poodle, the Australian Shepherd Poodle can range in appearance depending on the breed that they take after. In general, the breed is a small to large size breed that is athletic in appearance while still looking solid with thick legs and body. Your complete guide to the Aussiedoodle breed including grooming, training, health problems, history, and more! Everything you need to know about the Australian Shepherd Poodle mix.

The Australian shepherd poodle mix is a good-natured, happy sort who will make an ideal family pet. These dogs generally get on well with kids and other pets too. You will need to spend lots of time grooming your Australian shepherd poodle mix. Despite the hypoallergenic reputation of the poodle, the Aussiedoodle does shed. The Aussiedoodle is an exciting cross between two superlative breeds, the Australian Shepherd and a Poodle. This handsome mix will definitely make you fall in love at first sight. Bred specifically for companionship and working purposes, Aussiedoodle is the happiest dog if. Australian Shepherd Mix Breeds: Here is a list of most Popular Australian Shepherd Mix Breeds. It’s a cross between two best dog breeds, first is the Australian Shepherd and second is the Poodle. Aussiedoodle dog takes some of the best traits of each dog,. Mini Aussiedoodle – The Miniature Poodle Australian Shepherd Mix. June 11, 2019 By Rebecca Bayuk Leave a Comment. The Mini Aussiedoodle is the result of crossing two popular breeds: the Miniature Australian Shepherd and Miniature or Toy Poodle. Meet the Mini Aussiedoodle!

Der Aussiedoodle, auch als Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix bekannt, der Australian Shepherd Poodle, der Aussie Poodle Mix oder sogar der Aussiepoo, ist eine Mischung aus reinrassigem Australian Shepherd und reinrassigem Pudel. The Aussiedoodle is a cross between an Australian Shepherd and a Poodle, usually a Standard or Miniature Poodle. He is intelligent, friendly and affectionate. Depending on the size of the Poodle used in the cross, an Aussiedoodle’s weight can range from 25 to 70 pounds.

Aussiedoodle puppies for sale! These adorable, playful Aussiedoodle puppies are a mix between an Australian Shepherd and a Standard Poodle. They are a great fit for families. We breed both Toy and Mini Aussiedoodles that are first generation cross from purebred Poodles and Toy or Miniature Australian Shepherds. The first cross of our purebred dogs is called an F1, meaning it's 50% Aussie, and 50% Poodle. Which produces the best of both breeds and also has the least amount of health problems. Poodle breeds are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. Aside from the Standard, Miniature, and Toy Poodles, other kinds are sure to catch your eye and your love. If you’re the type who likes Poodle mix breeds, there are a lot of Poodle mixed breeds that you can find.

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